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What Should I Wear to a Wedding? The Perfect Guest Attire

Does that wedding invitation fill you with excitement… and a touch of wardrobe anxiety? We get it. Weddings are a big deal, whether you’re a guest, the best man, or the groom himself. No one wants a fashion faux pas on the big day! But fear not, because we’re here to guide you through the intricacies of wedding attire.

Decoding Wedding Dress Codes: It’s Easier Than You Think

A wedding dress code isn’t a secret code designed to stump you; it’s simply a helpful hint from the couple about the formality of their event. Think of it as your personal stylist whispering in your ear, “Here’s what will look amazing!”. These are some of the common themes that our customers come across. 

Black Tie: The crème de la crème of formal events. Dust off your tuxedo, shine your shoes, and prepare to dazzle.

Formal/Black Tie Optional: A tuxedo is still a top choice, but a dark suit and tie are also perfectly acceptable.

Cocktail: Step up your style game with a suit in a color other than black, paired with a tie or bow tie.

Semi-Formal: This is where things get a bit flexible. A suit and tie are always safe, but you can also opt for a sports jacket or blazer with dress pants.

Casual: Don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt! While it’s more relaxed, still aim for dress pants or chinos with a nicely designed sports jacket or shirt.

Suit vs. Tuxedo: Know the Difference

While both are formal wear, there are key distinctions:

Tuxedo: Features satin or grosgrain lapels, a satin stripe down the trouser leg, and often comes with a cummerbund or vest. It’s the ultimate in sophistication.

Suit: More versatile and can be dressed up or down. Typically made from wool or other fabrics without the satin accents of a tuxedo.

Dressing for the Season: Material Matters

If your event is outdoors, ensure your wedding attire matches the weather, just as you wouldn’t wear a sweater in the summer.

Spring/Summer: Opt for lightweight fabrics like linen, seersucker, or chambray in lighter colors.

Fall/Winter: Embrace richer textures like wool or cashmere in deeper hues. Tweed can also be a stylish fall choice.

Black Tie Example: Your Foolproof Outfit Formula

“Black Tie” is a very common dress code with a very high level of formality. If you’re invited to a black-tie wedding, the bride and groom have a specific vision for their big day. Don’t be the one to mess it up—bring your A-game and look your best.


Opt for a black tuxedo jacket, as it’s the epitome of formalwear. The lapel and lack of vents elevate its elegance, making it the fanciest choice for a black tie event.

Tuxedo Trousers

Your trousers should feature a satin stripe down the outer seam, perfectly matching the lapel or trim of your jacket. Ensure the trousers are the ideal length, ending right at the top of your shoes for a polished look.

Dress Shirt

A crisp, white dress shirt is non-negotiable for black tie wedding attire. Ideally, it will have French cuffs for an added touch of sophistication.

Lace-up Shoes

Black patent leather shoes are essential, paired with black socks. Make sure they are spotless and free of scuff marks.

Tie & Bow Ties

A black bow tie is highly recommended for a formal event, though a silk necktie is also appropriate. 


Satin knots that match the satin on your tuxedo look impeccable. For a touch of luxury, tasteful gemstones are acceptable, provided the metal settings match your other accessories.

Your Wedding Style, Elevated

No matter the dress code, confidence is key. Invest in a well-fitted suit or tuxedo that makes you feel like a million bucks. And remember, details matter – from the polish on your shoes to the perfect pocket square.

Ready to Rock Your Next Wedding?

At Der Herr, we’re passionate about helping you look your absolute best for any occasion. Browse our collection of impeccably tailored custom suits and tuxedos, and let our style experts guide you towards wedding attire perfection.

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