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The New Age Gentleman

Historically, it was said that being a gentleman, means to be someone who devotes his life to chivalry, a certain level of moral conduct, and someone who is born into mobility. Over the course of the years, although some parts are still true today, the term has definitely evolved. In today’s world being a Gentleman is all about holding yourself to a higher standard of elegance, morals, and hardwork. And what better way to feel the part than dress the part?

The term Der Herr was derived from the German word “the Gentleman ” as a way for people to curate their wardrobes to feel like Gentleman. With the right suit, suitable accessories, and the right attitude, every man should be able to feel like a gentleman, and match their personality to their clothes.

You might say, wearing tailor made clothes isn’t feasible for everyday, but we believe dressing like a gentleman should come naturally, and we help make it feasible for men to wear tailor-made clothing everyday.

“Wear your clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you” From tuxedos to a linen shirt, all ranges of your wardrobe should have the right fit, that fits the correct attitude.

A gentleman always knows less is more, and quality comes before quantity; the same applies to his wardrobe, it’s not about the amount of pieces you own, but rather the quality of them.

Let your wardrobe reflect your stance, and dress not to impress others, but to impress yourself. What better way to do that than to make the first place you walk into everyday( your closet), your sanctuary of luxury

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