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The Guide to Cloth: Weaves & Designs!

A fabric weave is the way warp threads are interwoven with the weft yarns. There are three basic weaves: Plain, Twill and Satin, from which many other combinations and patterns can be constructed. (secondary weaves).

Plain Weave

A plain weave is the most basic type of weaving.

Each horizontal weft thread is interlaced with each vertical warp thread by going over the first and under the second, over the third and so on.

Because of such rigorous interlacing the plain weave is the most solid construction. The fabric can be very light and airy without sacrificing stability.

Twill Weave

A twill’s characteristic diagonal appearance is created when a warp thread stretches over and under two or more weft threads.

Twill fabrics offer great versatility and drape, which makes them excellent choices all year round.

Satin Weave

A Statin weave is created when the weft is allowed to pass over multiple yarns. This creates a very smooth face, and a very rough back. Normally satins are heavier than plain weaves or twills, but they have a soft handle and excellent drape.

Secondary Weaves 

Twill Weave:

Plain Weave:

Designs For Any Weave:

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