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Add Versatility & Diversity To Your Existing Wardrobe

How Many Suits Should You Own? Unlocking the Potential of Your Wardrobe

Ever wondered how many suits you should own? The straightforward answer is: as many as your wardrobe can fit! However, the journey of building a versatile and stylish suit collection doesn’t end with just filling your closet. It’s about adding value and personality to each piece.

The Basics: Grey, Navy, and Black

Once you have the three essential suit colors—grey, navy, and black—in various shades, you have a solid foundation. These classic colors are versatile, timeless and suitable for a wide range of occasions, from business meetings to formal events. But owning multiple suits in these colors opens the door to even greater possibilities.

Elevate Your Collection: Exploring Fabrics and Styles

When your basics are covered, it’s time to explore different fabrics. Consider adding suits made from linen, wool-linen blends, flannels and more. These materials not only offer comfort and breathability but also add a touch of sophistication and seasonal variety to your wardrobe.

Customization is another key aspect of building a remarkable suit collection. Once you have the essentials, you can start to personalize your suits with more detail. Explore different and trending styles, such as opting for a one-button suit for a sleek, modern look. Experiment with lapels—peak, notch, or shawl—and choose the one that best complements your physique and style. Vents, too, can be varied; double vents offer a contemporary flair, while a single vent provides a classic silhouette.

Adding Personality: Beyond the Basics

The true art of bespoke lies in personalization. With a solid base of classic colors and fabrics, you can begin to add suits in more versatile and vibrant colors. Don’t shy away from bold patterns or unique textures. Think about the specific occasions you’ll be attending and how your suit can enhance your presence.

Events like weddings, theater performances (plays, musicals, live orchestras, operas), graduations, formal dinners, and media events are perfect opportunities to showcase an exuberant style and look. These occasions allow you to express your personality through your attire, making a statement with every detail.

Expert Guidance: Tailoring to Your Needs

Our stylists and consultants are here to help you navigate the vast array of fabrics and styles available. They will discuss your existing wardrobe and the occasions you need to dress for, ensuring that each suit adds significant value to your collection. With their expertise, you’ll discover a different scope of fabrics and styles tailored to your needs.


Building a suit collection is more than just amassing pieces; it’s about curating a wardrobe that reflects your unique style and meets the demands of various occasions. From classic basics to personalized details, each suit should speak volumes about your personality. Let our experts guide you in exploring new fabrics, styles, and customizations, ensuring that you always dress for success.

With the right suits, you’ll not only look good but also feel confident and ready to take on any event with style. Your journey to a perfect wardrobe begins with understanding the basics and extends to embracing the limitless possibilities of bespoke tailoring.

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